Author - Briar

Black Paint on Your Walls

Why do we even have to paint anything black? More to the point, why would we want to? Are you thinking about painting your interior walls black?It’s not the obvious interior trend, white is always the safer option, if you really not sure. Maybe you should check out our last blog about painting your walls [...]


Consider to Paint Your Wall White

Why would you paint your walls white? They get dirty easier than any other color? Isn’t that sterile? No, No and definitely no! White paint is pure, white paint is finally trendy and creates the perfect canvas that makes everything else in the room look wow. In scandinavian countries it is pretty standard to start with [...]


Art for the Home

To successfully show case your art you need to follow a few simple rules. ART IS PERSONAL – PERSONAL TO ONLY YOU! Collectors would argue that you should only buy art that you truly love – whether it matches your interior or not – because you’re dealing with a long-term investment asset. Others look at art [...]

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